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Apart from Consultancy from its Campus CARTE also organizes camps in Collaboration with the CMO and other institutions in villages. Besides the general physician, specialists in E&T , Gynecology etc. are taken to the camps to provide medical services at the door steps of the villagers. General Check Up is conducted of all the villagers who present themselves at the camp. The Specialists after check up,if they find something wrong advise the villagers to fellow it up at the CARTE medical centre at the campus. Normally a couple of days medicines are distributed at the camp itself. However very few villagers avail of this follow up service.

Medical camps are also organized at the CARTE campus where not only the Villagers but those in the neighborhood also avail of the facility. On an average more than hundred patients attend such camps.

The Medical Centre in collabration with the CMO also works in various government sponsored campaigns for immunization of children for various ailments, prenatal and antenatal care of women and other ailments. Presently the following specialists attend on the dates the days and time noted against each:

1. Dr.Y.K.BHUSHAN General 2,4,6 11.30 A.M. Onwards
2. Dr. Suchita Dinkar Gynecologist 1,3 12.00-2.00 P.M.
3. Dr. S.Banka Child Specialist 2 1.00-2.30 P.M.
4. Dr. Pratibha Saren Gynecologist 3 12.00-2.00 P.M.
5. Dr. A.K.Chaudary ENT 5 1.30-2.30 P.M.
6. Dr. Ruchi Chandel Homeopathy Daily 9-1 A.M. and 5-8.30 P.M.
7. Dr. Amit Arora Physiotherapist Daily 9-1 A.M. and 5-8.30 P.M.

NOTE:Shri K.S.Goyal and Shri Shiv Pal Bajaj help in the management of homeopathic consultancy services in CARTE and by Organizing camps.